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New Dutch style roundabout in Cambridge

If you want to see a somewhat crappy video click here:

My Fly12 mount broke on the way up to Cambridge, shaken to death by what laughably passes as a path besides the A10 out of Royston. Not really a cycle track at all, but it's that or contend with 60mph cars on a busy road.

Anyway, Cambridge has lots of really good cycle infra and one of the first (the first?) Dutch style roundabouts near to Addenbrookes hospital. It looks complicated as a whole but it really is a doddle to use with the right hierarchy of Pedestrians first, cycles second and cars having to yield to both.

Only issue I had (not in video) was a SUV driver who failed to yield entering the roundabout but as long as people don't try and race round it like a velodrome, should be OK.

The cost though is ridiculous. Ballooning from £800k to over £2 million! 2 years of disruption as well. Unfortunately that sort of project management error / incompetence / price gouging by contractors or whatever caused the cost overun could make it difficult to justify this style of roundabout in other places. I'm not totally convinced that the original basic roundabout was actually that difficult to navigate in the first place either.

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