New Di2 Road Bike, is the frame faulty?

*** SOLVED: I was missing the curved radius washer that goes between the bolt and the derailleur mount on the frame. Thank you for the help! ***

Dear community,

I just finished building up a Bowman Palace:R frameset with a new Ultegra R8000 Di2 groupset.

But when I install the front mech, the lower end of the cage seems to be angled outwards and the upper end inwards. It's so bad that the chain rubs both at the top and the bottom.
Even the teeth of the chainring touch the cage and catch it no matter how high I move it.

I can just not get the cage parallel to the chain. And the way I understand the manual, with the support bolt, I can angle the cage further outwards but not inwards. This is not the first time I am building up a bike, but the first time with Di2, so I carefully followed all the steps from the Shimano manual. Right now, the support bolt is not touching the frame so it's not responsible for it.
I am also pretty certain that the cage of my brand new derailleur is not bent out of shape:

Normally, I would just rotate the derailleur clamp to align the cage but the Bowman Palace:R is only compatible with braze-on derailleurs. The only explanation I can come up with is that the front mech braze-on bracket on the frame is not aligned correctly.

Am I making a mistake or is there anything else I can try? Or do I have to send the frame back to Bowman Cycles and ask for a replacement?

Thank you for your help!

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