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New Canyon or upgrade 2013 Roubaix?

Hi all, new to this forum and looking for some feedback. I’ve been in and out if cycling for about 11 years (did L2P in 2011).

I have a 2013 Specialized Roubaix Triple Sport CF. The bike has 105 levers but a Tiagra groupset. I upgraded the wheels to Campagnolo Zondas a couple of years back.

Question is will I notice much of a difference in new bike tech speed/fun if I went to a Canyon Endurace CF 8.0 for example?

Looking for something that’s more ‘fun’ to ride, don’t do huge miles but also need a decent gear range and a bit of comfort hence the lean towards the endurace. I can use cyclescheme and have a budget up to £2k hence the lean towards a new bike. What’s everyone’s thoughts? Is a 2013 old tech now? Will a new bike give me back that want to get back riding? Appreciate any comments, thanks 🙏

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