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New Bike Advice (Commutey/Roady kinda bike)

Hi All

HNY and all that jazz. 

I need to get a new commute bike, but stuggling to find anything that gets my legs pumping! Has anyone seen or know of anything that might meet this criteria, or am i looking for a Unicorn or is there a gap in the market for what im after!?

Commute bike for 50-100km per week.
Im 6"3 and about 94 kilos.
Hydraulic Brakes (105 pref). 
105 Groupset or equivilant. 
Mudguard Mounting Points. 
700 x 28 Tyres.

So far the only thing iv found that comes close is the "Vitus Substance VR-2 Adventure Road Bike" or the "Ribble Endurance AL Disc 2021" (but by the looks of it, you can only fit 25mm tyres on that, and due to my height/weight, id be re-trueing a wheel every cople of weeks on Londons potholed roads)!

If im honest, to me, it looks like bike companies have taken the Pandemic to pump the price of bikes up and fit them with no where near components! Tiagra & Sora on a 1500 quid bike with mechanical disks! REALLY? 

Any advice really welcome!

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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