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Most padded shorts

For a long day in the saddle, which shorts offer most padding?


If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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matthewn5 | 1 year ago

I've found from my unscientific survey of five sets of bibs and biblongs that some of the simplest pads are the best for me. So I've found a pair of Sportful's cheapest Giro 2 thermal biblongs are as comfy or more than their top of the range pads. And a pair of De Marchi bibs that were pretty cheap have an absolutely brilliant pad. Whereas I didn't get on with Castelli's high end pad... so try some different ones to work out what works for you!

jaymack | 1 year ago

The simple truth is that what's good for you may not be good for me. I've always found Lusso's shorts to be terrific but the most comfortable by far, for the moment at least, are Endura FS260 Pro. The only real words of advice I can give, other than try before you buy, is that once you happen upon the pair you find the most comfrotable buy another pair and then another in a sale. 

fukawitribe | 1 year ago
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Lots of good options and advice above, i'd also maybe suggest RedWhite for a bib focused company (especially long distance) with a good reputation

IanMSpencer | 1 year ago

Concur with comments below. I have some dhb which I am happy in all day, and a similar pair under the same line from a different batch which sandpaper my todger something appalling (sent to the uncharitable shop). I think it is either a stitching defect or a subtle shaping issue on where the seam lies.

Also, the pad will not help if you have a poor saddle. Saddle design has improved immensely - but again finding the right saddle is personal, partly to do with your own body shape, but also to do with small adjustments to ensure you are sitting in the right place. Most saddles these days have very important pressure relieving cutouts.

Final point, if you are having issues, the answer is rarely more padding - too much padding just creates a lump of material that gets compressed and pressures elsewhere.

duncanap replied to IanMSpencer | 1 year ago

I strongly agree with the saddle comment - for me the shorts and saddle work as a system. If I wear my ideal shorts on a different saddle it is still uncomfortable. Frankly on my ideal saddle, shorts with no padding also work pretty well.

peted76 | 1 year ago

The best pair I had were a pair from PedalEd.. and I think they were marketed something along the lines of 'as tested on the transcontinental race'.. to be fair they were brilliant and I was gutted when in a haze of oxygen deprived brain + booze I left them stuffed behind a radiator in a hotel room on the south coast and caught the train home to the midland (poor cleaners finding those stinky bad boys). 

Now you can get specific 'gravel' or 'long distance' bibs for extra rough or long rides.. but I just use my plain old normal assos ones and haven't had any major problems.. although I am still a bit bitter about loosing those pedaled ones and have over the past few years elevatesd them to 'pillow like bottom comfort' in my own brain.. 

Grahamd | 1 year ago

Unfortunately what is great for one person is not for another. I have various pairs, Ale, Assos, Castelli and Giordana; my preferred being Giordana as they simply fit me better. I know friends who are fans of Le Col and Stolen Goat, but neither worked for me and both got returned.

Best of luck, just familiarise yourself with the return's policies if you're ordering online.

bobbinogs | 1 year ago

Sometimes it is not about the most padding but the best fit.  I have ridden some shorts with a very full pad which felt more like an adult nappy, and it all got very uncomfortable when the weather was warm.  It is very difficult to try multiple shorts though in practice so I have tended to stick with something that works when I find it.  For me, the Rapha Pro Team ones are great but not cheap, Sportful tend to be very good too, as do their sister company Castelli.  For some brands go a size up to their sizing guides but Rapha are British sizing, so to speak, so one size less than their Italian counterparts in general.  Lot's of other options though, just don't forget to forget the pants!

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