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Jezza - the record shows, I took the blows and did it my waaaay

This is from last week's Sunday Times, it's available to read in full, Clarkson at 62 - my title: "a life spent often on the wrong side of the argument", as revealed by the grandchildren here:

"They don’t want to spend any time with you because you are an alien. A monster. You lived in a world full of racism and diesel and meat and you did nothing about it. And then they’ll bring up Greta Thunberg and you’ll roll your eyes and there’ll be a row and it’ll be six months of sadness and regret before you see them again."

It's a bit more than just living in a world of racism and diesel, though isn't it Jeremy, it's "Enee meeeny Miney mo..." it's "that bridge has got a slope on it" and blowing your TV career by hitting someone about a sandwich.  Please spare us the victim stuff. 

It's a long read, relived by extracts from the family photo album. There are some surprisingly thoughtful passages, actually, as he contemplates his own mortality - yet somehow flying the F15 jet and all the other highlights he shares not sounding like he's lived his best life.

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