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Insurance requirement difficult to meet


I don't think that I can meet the security requirement of bike insurance.

I have just taken out insurance for my new ebike.

The bike cost just over £6,000 and the insurance just under £300.

Firstly, I am very lucky to be able to spend such a lot of money on one bike (I have recently retired). I am having great fun with it.

However, having now carefully read the policy documents, I don't think that I can meet all the security requirements!

The issues are:

Locks: Obviously gold standard, of which I have a few. The bike needs to be secured to an immovable object, including the wheels. In practice this means 2 or three locks, depending on the type of 'immovable object'. 

At home, in the shed, this is just about possible, but requires 3 long gold standard chain locks to secure the frame and both wheels to the anchor on the floor (it's an MTB with a long wheelbase).

However, the shed door needs to be secured with either a '5-lever mortice lock', a 'Chubb lock' or a 'CEN Grade 3 closed shackle padlock'. Although I have 3 very strong closed shackle padlocks to the door of the shed, they are not CEN grade 3.

Outside is more difficult. Attaching the bike and wheels to the standard 'Sheffield' stand can be done with one long 'D' lock and one chain. However, the combined weight of the locks is almost 6kg! 

I will be carrying the bike on the Fiamma rack that hangs off the rear of my van. However, it is bolted on and is not 'lockable' as required by the insurance.

Furthermore, the bike is not insured while on the van, even when locked, from 9pm to 8am. I often take my bike on holidays that frequently involve driving after 9pm!

I did ask about fitting a BikeTrax GPS unit (this is fitted inside the motor & shows the location of the bike), but was told that this would be treated as an accessory and would result in a slight increase in the premium.

I can obviously buy some approved padlocks for the shed, which would be around £100.

However, securing the bike while away from home is much more of a problem and certainly very impractical, if not impossible.

Has anyone else had such issues with insurance?

Does anyone have a workable solution?




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