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how hard is it to claim compensation?

I saw this story in the guardian - is this typical for UK compensation claims?

I can only contrast this to my experience in Switzerland.  Two years ago I got taken out by a dog on a descent (the dog was not on a lead and "hunted" me). I needed an ambulance after hitting the deck at over 45 kph, x-rays - thankfully nothing was broken, and my SLR01 was destroyed. I got the contact details of the joggers who owned the dog, and their civil liability insurance paid for everything. They did send an assessor to look at the bike because of the value - but he saw the cracks in the frame and agreed to a full new for old write-off on the spot. I had a new bike in less than four weeks.

The dog was fine by the way - a lovely six-month-old husky that licked my face as I lay on the road waiting for the ambulance. it had a slightly bruised paw.

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