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Help! Can someone identify this 'vintage' bike?

Hello all,

This is my first forum post so go easy!

I've been riding since childhood, quick 15-30 mile rides a couple of times a week on an old Marin Larkspur Hybrid, but I'm looking to take my cycling to the next level now.

I recently bought this classic racing bike. It's a Geoffrey Butler (of South Croydon I believe - Geoffrey being Claud Butler's younger brother), from the mid-1980's I assume.
It has a 22" butted steel Columbus frame, Cinelli drop bars, Mavic GP4 rims, Continental tubular nylon tyres (700 x 22) and every component is Suntour Cyclone. All original to my knowledge and it goes like clockwork (on the quick testing ride).
Also included was the matching original bike pump!

I have a few questions for you more knowledgeable out there to help me shed some light on this beautiful bike:

- What specific model is it (more specifically then being a mid-80's Geoffrey Butler)
- I picked it up for £85, is that good price and how much is it valued at?
- If it were you, would you use this as your road bike (for the 30 milers and the odd 50 miler here and there)?
- Or would you store it and wait for appreciation, if any?
- Finally, the tyres being tubular, would you seek to replace the rims with modern ones that can accommodate normal tyres and inner tubes? I've heard these old tubular ones can be a right pain when punctured/need replacing (due to the strong glue/tape that attaches them to the rims).

Thanks for reading this long message, please see the attached images to build a better picture.
I'm eager to hear what you all think!

Kind regards,

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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