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Great Musgrave bridge infilling

("Columbian Ground Squirrel, Kananaskis 2010" by Gord McKenna is marked with CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.)

Just seen an update to the Queensbury Tunnel petition:


Queensbury Tunnel is not the only legacy railway structure vandalised by National Highways (NH). This month, Eden District Council (EDC) is likely to consider the company's planning application to retain its infill at Great Musgrave bridge in Cumbria. 

Although the structure was in fine condition - as demonstrated by NH’s own inspection reports - the Council was told that infilling was needed to prevent the bridge's failure and collapse! When EDC tried to stop them, National Highways invoked powers which were only applicable in emergency situations presenting a threat of death or injury!

If they get away with such a disreputable act here, they will see it as a green light to drive through more schemes impacting destructively on future sustainable transport projects, our outstanding railway heritage, glorious landscapes and fragile ecosystems.

The planning application is here:

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