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First foray into buying upgrades - advice needed

Hi! I have a giant defy 4 which I think is the 2014 model and cost about £600 at the time. I'm a purely recreational rider who likes taking part in sprint and standard distance tris. 
My average speed on the bike tends to be around 26-28 km/h for distances that tend to be no more than 40k.I've had clip in pedals and decent tyres for a couple of years. 

I haven't upgraded the wheels yet which I'm thinking is the next thing to do? 
I'd say my budget for wheels would be about £250-£300 for a pair. Is this a worthy investment on a relatively entry level bike? 

Any recommendations on a decent wheel set would be appreciated. I've got an 8speed shimano cassette, would prefer to remain clincher and have rim breaks! 

thank you in advance 

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