Deeside Path Closed by RSPB

So Burton Marsh which links the Wirral to Deeside-Chester path that is apparently owned by the RSPB has been closed due to 'Abusive Behavior' to RSPB staff giving guidance on current Covid19 guidelines.

I came across a lock on the gate from the Wirral side last week. There was no sign or explanation so I found my way over and on my way.

It kind of slipped my mind and on a journey the opposite direction a few days later two more gates had been locked up and a sign had been put on the gate at the Wirral end. Given the alternate route is the Chester High Road which is not exactly pleasent It wasn't really a hard decision to hop over each gate and continue my journey.

Any thoughts on the RSPBs conduct here? I would suggest anti-social behaviour and lockdown compliance are a matter for the police. An unintended consequence is that they are going to force a lot of riders on to busier roads for what looks like an over-reaction.

Any other examples elsewhere were paths have just been closed?

Some more details here:;https://www.aboutmyarea.c...

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