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De Rosa bike quality

In  March 2022 I bought the new SK Pininfarina bike frame from Nicholas De Rosa direct from the factory. It arrived with a cracked seat post, two paint chips on the head tube, a crooked logo and suspect frame finishing where the seat post fits into the frame. The seat post was grudgingly replaced after an initial refusal by De Rosa, compensation was offered for the repair of the paint chips but never provided, a replacement logo was provided but the jury is out as to whether or not the frame will perform or fail. Clearly there are severe Quality Assurance and customer service issues with this company. If you plan to buy one take a very close look at the paint finish, frame and seat post fabrication to make sure the product is not substandard. In addition to the three bikes I have bought, several of my friends have purchased De Rosa bikes with my input but I would never reccommend this bike again. For a company to position itself as providing a high quality product with a world class pedigre this type of behavour is simply foolish.

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