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Cop Who Didn't Understand State Law Blamed Teen Bicyclist For Fatal Strike From DUI Driver

This is all kinds of f***ed up


The report states that the driver, Chrissy Rawlins, who was high on multiple drugs while driving, was not at fault because Osuegbu did not have a light on the back of her bike and was not riding on the right-hand side of the road, and was not wearing reflective clothing.

Bruce Hagen, Osuegbu’s family attorney, who conducts bike law training for police officers, said the responding officer and the GSP reconstruction team investigated the accident but were not familiar with the Georgia bike laws. Hagen said Georgia laws do not require bikes to have lights as long as there are reflectors, which the 17-year-old’s bike already had on it.

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Bungle_52 | 1 year ago
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Reading this reminded me of the lorry driver on the Witney by pass. A back light was involved in that one too.

AlsoSomniloquism | 1 year ago

Black girl killed by white person. White person not blamed through Police actions. In Georgia. I'm Jacks complete lack of surprise. 

hawkinspeter replied to AlsoSomniloquism | 1 year ago

It didn't immediately occur to me that racism might have played a part - I thought it was just the usual pro-driver attitude. But yes, it certainly seems like racist cops.

AlsoSomniloquism replied to hawkinspeter | 1 year ago

Tbh, I'm probably reading too much into it, and I believe Georgia are one of the crappy states where they treat car incidents as a "Knock-for-knock". But to have someone die through the other driver being high as a kite and they look for a bike light, which unlike refectors are not normally bolted to the bike, to absolve the driver does make it look like they were looking to minimise liability. 

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