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Carmaggedon in Bournemouth played out live...

Live blog:

Highlights include:

"we've been told that Avon Run Road is very busy with parked cars" (strange, because there's no daytime parking allowed there in the summer months...) 

(This just in from one of CyclingMikey's admirers, "just got [deleted] parking ticket born mouth police, why you ruini hard workin family day out my daughter sc4eamimg")

"Sandbanks is already looking very busy with standstill traffic starting from Evening Hill." - Evening Hill, that neoprene vs Lycra battleground, so no doubt that will all be cyclists' fault - who'd want to deliver a fridge, be an estate agent or disabled driver amid that lot, eh?

and from the bus company - "Traffic congestion is starting to build up more around the Christchurch area and some services on routes 1, 1a, 1b and 33 may be delayed up to 10-15 minutes" - wheeeee, the car killing off all alternatives! 

same time tomorrow and Sunday, folks!

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