Canyon Endurace 8.0 Stack plus

Hello! does anyone have experience with the 2XL frame size RIM Brake model? it has been difficult to get all the info from Canyon.
they quote the Stack plus ( from BB to the top of the handlebars) as 722mm i want to know if the fork steerer measures a full 300 mm and if the bike comes with more spaces than is depicted. This is important to me as with my Canondale 63 size frame ( which is my limit of what is comfortable) i have a stand-over of 87 and a stack of 620mm and with the handlbar stem of120mm inverted (96°/ 6°+) i get a stack+ of 735. now: Canyon states that the stack plus of its 8.0 Endurace 2XL is 722 ( Stack is 628) So i can only assume that there are a lot more spacers than on the website photos, which Canyon assure me is how the bike comes. (I am sick of going back to them for answers), if it is a stack of 628, ( head tube is smaller than the Cannondale by 5mm) then they must be measuring from the mid top of the bearing race which protrudes. Now, if i get on the cannondale a stack+ of 735 then on a negative stem that would equate to about 710-720mm so i am in the same ball park

Basically i want to know if the bike comes with the headset down or up, and if the fork steerer is a true 300mm, and compared to other bikes you have ridden is it tall at the front end or about the same. thanks!

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