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Campag Veloce Replacement Chainrings


Looking for some advice if anybody has any ideas.... I see campag have ditched 10 spd gpsets and hence replacement parts are getting hard to come by. I've got a 50/34 compact veloce power torque chainset on my bike (with the rest of the 10 spd veloce gpset). I will need to replace the chainrings/chainset at some point and have been trying to research which ta/bbb/stronglight chainrings I might need. I understand that veloce compact is 110 bcd but that the 5th bolt that bolt to the crank is 112 bcd and therefore slightly offset, ive also read that diff thicknesses of chainrings can cause an issue. Seems to be a fair few 10 spd ultra torque (to replace 10spd centaur/record/chorus etc.) rings out there but cant seem to find anything on power torque (veloce) stuff. I know a fair bit of miche stuff is compatible with campag so don't know if any of their stuff will be any good....Anyway, if anyone has got any advice or recommendations for replacement chainrings then would be greatly appreaciated.

Cheers, Paul

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