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Bowman bikes - what is your experience with them?

Hi all. I recently bought a fully built Bowman Weald from Bowman Cycles. Initially the bike came with paint damage on the frame and wrong size chainrings/cranks. Then I received a brand new bike (hopefully!) with correct size cranks but the bike felt too heavy. I weighed the Noble branded wheels which came with the bike and I realized that the wheels were much heavier than advertised on Bowman's website. After a few attempts to get an answer on this from Bowman without any success, I reached out to Noble Wheels and they told me they stopped supplying wheels to Bowman a year ago.  Anyway I am extremely disappointed to find out that the wheels which came with my bike (which carry Noble Wheels stickers on the rims and the hubs) are not genuine Noble Wheels. They have not been built by Noble Wheels (this is confirmed by Noble Wheels) and the wheels are also not consistent with the specs listed on their website. I am very disappointed that Bowman Cycles fraudulently claimed the wheels on my bike are Noble wheels. And they are now not answering any emails or phone calls. Does anyone know if they are still in business? And what has been your experience with Bowman bikes - in terms of frame quality and durability?  

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