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Body Rocket

Am I the only person out there who is confused by the Body Rocket? I read the piece on Feb 23rd, and have contacted Body Rocket with questions but have had no answers. How do they intend to measure horizontal force with a sensor? They give the equation for calculating CdA- it includes measurement of slope, gravity, and air pressure. Do the sensors measure these or make a guess? Gravity will be pretty easy but not the others. Anyway, if slope is zero and you're not accelerating, and you estimate air pressure as about 1.25kg/m3, the equation is basically CdA= 2F/1.25x velocity of air squared. Force is measured in Newtons. You get a power meter, so I presume this calculates the force, by dividing the Watts by speed in metres per second. So what are the sensors measuring? It must be wind speed, on three tiny sensors fixed to your bike. How do they do that- with a teeny turbine? Someone please help!! Because it sounds like a con to me.

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