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Bike sizing advice

Hi all

I unfortunately had one of my bikes stolen, however on the plus side the insurance has paid out so I am now in a position to buy a new bike. Silver clouds and all that…

I would like to get a Kinesis 4s disc as a 4 season bike, which I will run alongside a Giant TCR. However when I review the sizes I feel I am inbetween the 51 cm and 54 cm sizes. I am comparing to my TCR which fits me very well and believe that stack and reach are the most important figures to compare (please correct me if needed).

As you will see the stack on the 54cm is very close, but the reach on the 51cm very close. I am concerned if I go for one or other I will be either too stretched or too low. Although a 4 season bike I don’t want to be overly vertical.

Given I cannot go and see the bike at the moment does anyone look at these figures and have any advice? Whether that is on my interpretation of geometry or practical advice, either would be appreciated.

I cannot see how to add a picture, but hopefully this link take you to a comparison of the models:,kinesis-4s-...

 – from the excellent site if you are not aware of it.


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