I noticed Stage 5 of the Vuelta was classified in the game as Medium Mountains. From what I can see in the stage profile, there are 2 Cat 3 mountains on the stage.

Just wondering how the classification of stages works for the game.

I think I remember a stage in the TDU, stage 2, I think, which I'm pretty sure had a Cat 3 6.5 km from the finish and it was classified a Flat Finish.

Are there any hard and fast rules around classifying stages as Medium Mountain ones for the game?

I'm not sure why, but oddly, to me, the Vuelta page classifies both Stage 4 and Stage 5 as Mountain Stages (http://www.lavuelta.com/13/es/recorrido/vuelta.html?e=5) and Stage 4 has only 1 Cat 3 in it...  39



TERatcliffe26 [4781 posts] 5 years ago

No hard fast rules, a Cat 3 is generally different in the Vuelta from what it would be in the TDU

Ive seen stage 3 classed as flat, which it is for the main, but it finishes with a cat 3 mountain, so it just depends.

If you look up the stages yourself it doesn't really matter what they are classified as