Forum's Scorum's Mini League


Tour Down Under: Alan Tullett(Pure Fantasy)
TDU Purist: Gkam84(Up and Doon Hills)
Tour of Qatar: enrique(Team Don Q)
TOQ Purist: Wig_Billy(Veelers Wheel)
Tour of Mediterranean: Wig_Billy(Veelers Wheel)
TOM Purist: TERatcliffe26(Ratcliffe26)
Tour of Oman: Wig_Billy(Veelers Wheel)
TOO Purist: Teratcliffe26(Ratcliffe26)
Volta Ao Algarve: TERatcliffe26(Ratcliffe26)
VAA Purist: Wig_Billy(Veelers Wheel)
Early Classics: Wig_Billy(Veelers Wheel)
EC Purist: stevemarks(skidders skeletons)
Paris-Nice: drheaton(Mostly Hopeless)
PAN Purist: Dave Atkinson(Blankety Blanco)
Tirreno-Adriatico: robacairns(Team Cairns)
TIA Purist: NeilG83(Team Sky Blue)
Volta A Catalunya: Jonas Lorenzen(Pharmacie Roulant)
VAC Purist: stepho(Carrick Climbers)
Vuelta Pais Vasco: JAndrewHill(Les Miserables 2013)
VPV Purist: Wig_Billy(Veelers Wheel)
Giro Del Trentino: TERatcliffe26(Ratcliffe26)
GDT Purist: stevemarks(skidders skeletons)
Spring Classics: makiavelli(Domestique Dis Turbans)
SCL Purist: makiavelli(Domestique Dis Turbans)
Tour Du Romandie: obutterwick(OJB Racing)
TDR Purist: obutterwick(OJB Racing)
Tour Of California: robacairns(Team Cairns)
TOC Purist: NeilG83(Team Sky Blue)
Giro D'Italia: Jonas Lorenzen(Pharmacie Roulant)
GIRO Purist: northstar(Northstar)
Criterium Du Dauphine: nata1ia(nataliaa)
Dauphine purist: huntdeano(huntdeano)
Tour Du Suisse: stevemarks(skidders skeletons)
TDS Purist: TERatcliffe26(Ratcliffe26)
Tour De France: rcorbin(Silent Assassins)
TDF Purist: drheaton(Mostly Hopeless)
Tour Du Pologne: drheaton(Mostly Hopeless)
TDP Purist: livestrongnick(Rule #5)
Clasica San Sebastien: backflipbedlem(backflipbedlem)
CSS Purist:N/A
ENECO Tour: Wig_Billy(Veelers Wheel)
ENECO Purist: TERatcliffe26(Ratcliffe26)
USA Pro Challenge: Wig_Billy(Veelers Wheel)
USA Purist; Wig_Billy(Veelers Wheel)
Vuelta Y Espana: silas chime(Call Me Maybe?)
VUE Purist: Alan Tullett(Pure Fantasy)
Grand Prix Quebec/Montreal: livestrongnick(Rule #5)
GQM Purist: Jonas Lorenzen(Pharmacie Roulant)
Tour of Britain: Wig_Billy(Veelers Wheel)
ToB Purist: huntdeano(huntdeano)
Worlds: technojim(Scotchegg-Energybeer)
Worlds Purist: technojim(Scotchegg-Energybeer)
Autumn Classics: natal1a(natal1aa)
ACL Purist: drheaton(Mostly Hopeless)
Tour of Beijing: Wig_Billy(Veelers Wheel)
TBE Purist: stevemarks(skidders skeletons)

Forum's Scorum's Overall 2013: Wig_Billy(Veelers Wheel)
FSO(Purist): Wig_Billy(Veelers Wheel)

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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