I've been looking at various cycling apps on my android device and some of them are very good. However, what I really need at the moment is a way of incorporating a training plan in a calendar so I can see what I've got planned for the coming week. I find having a plan is the best motivational tool and once its written down, I tend to stick to it.
I'm happy to write my own programme, so Training Peaks is not worth the money for me. I have been using Google calendar to put on my proposed activity but the info written then has to be copied out and re-written into another app which is annoying and time consuming.
All the apps I've used or looked at allows you to manually input data of rides you've done or record them as you go. What I'd like is an all in one that does both- plan your proposed activity and record it as you go. I've done a web search but nothing's coming up.
Any thoughts?