Im afraid it's a bit of a boring old x vs y topic but I'm looking to buy my first geared road bike (currently ride a 1980s steel framed Raleigh single speed) to get into longer (25 mile plus) rides and I really need some help choosing!

It's to be bought through cycle 2 work so has to be under a grand, and my work only allow bikes from Halfords or the Specialized Concept store - so I've come down the Boardman Comp and the Specialized Allez Elite....

My thinking is that on paper the Boardman is better (105 vs Tiagra components) and because of current Halfords discounts and my British Cycling membership, it would be about £150 cheaper - but I know I will get a proper bike fit and much better service with Specialized... What I want to check is whether I'm missing any major flaws in the Boardman or if I should just go for it, and maybe go for a bike fitting somewhere else or try get it right myself?

Any views from anyone who's ridden on or both would be really helpful!



veseunr [262 posts] 5 years ago

Boardman is a good bike - I use one for my winter bike. You do pay a little for the name with Specialized IMHO and there is a bigger difference between Tiagra and 105 in the Shimano range than other upgrades - but all Shimano kit is really effective. Boardman for me ... especially with discounts.