The Metric Century Challenge

The metric century challenge is a yearly mile-eating competition. it runs from halloween to halloween, plus a bit before halloween for this year (as we've already started). There will be prizes for:

  • Highest total score
  • Highest score in a single month
  • Longest single ride

Anyone can join at any time. To be eligible for the total score, you must complete your first ride by 30 November 2008. No starters or double rides to catch up after 30 November 2008. Just post if you are in for the challenge, and then edit that same post from then on, updating for each qualifying ride.

The challenge is very basic. You must ride one metric century 100 km or 62.18 miles per month to succesfully complete the challenge. You can may ride as many as you want and there will be a points system to award to the person who rides the most metric centuries. Only single continuous rides of at least 100km qualify, not a daily or weekly total of several shorter rides that exceed 100km.


1. You must complete at least one metric century each month to qualify for the high score. For 2008 only, rides before the official start date of 31 October will also count towards November and your final score.

2. Each metric century (100km) is worth one point. Double metrics are worth two points and so on.

3. Tie breaker will be total mileage.

4. Keep only one post per participant and you go in and edit your post with each new ride. All comment posts will be deleted.

5. For Brevet rides or anything else lasting longer than one continous day, the date the ride completed is the date posted.

6. If you fail to complete a century in each month you are still eligible for the other two prizes, so long as you complete a minimum of four scoring months.

6. Yes, just keep editing your original posts and delete any commentary. Your post would look something like this.

8 Jan 1 Point 63.88M/102.73KM Total Points 1 Total KM 102.73
16 Jan 1 Point 65.27M/104.97KM Total Points 2 Total KM 207.70
12 Feb 1 Point 64.90M/104.37KM Total Points 3 Total KM 312.07
Or you can put your totals at the bottom of the post. Si (with thanks and acknowledgements to Velocitizen on Bike Radar whose rules I almost completely plagarised).

NOTE: please don't reply to anyone's score post. if you do, it'll be locked and they won't be able to edit it. All comment posts will be deleted.

To post your first scoring ride, click on 'Post Reply' below this post. Put your username as the heading. DON'T post until you've completed a scoring ride.

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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