I'm finally taking the plunge to trade up from my trusty Lapierre Audacio 500 (Shimano 105 triple groupset) and get something more suitable for my second year of club racing, a few time trials and possibly one two sportives. As you can see, it's an all round machine I'm after ... finances dictate that no time trial machine is being bought (this year anyhow). One of the criteria is that it has to be a double groupset (tried compact on my winter trainer and they just don't suit).

After a lot of shopping around, I'm looking at 2 bikes - a Moda Stretto 2012 and a Giant TCR Advanced 2. For the Moda, my LBS can get it equipped with an Ultegra groupset (double) as opposed to the standard SRAM Force. With a bit of discount, I'll get it for £2k. It's an impressive bike spec wise and the American Classic Aero 3 420 wheels look to be very good for the type of riding I'll be doing. I've not seen that many reviews about the Moda bikes, but the ones that I have read are pretty complementary.

Then there is the Giant TCR Advanced 2. It's just the type of machine I want spec wise too (Ultegra double). It's a bit more expensive, but my LBS will give me a bit of discount, bringing the max price down to £2,250.

So what do I do - the tried and trusted Giant or the Moda that looks to be an amazing value for money package. I suppose one of the big things to compare both bikes on would be the wheels - are the P-SL1 wheels (DT Swiss hubs aren't they?) inferior in any way to the American Classics? The P-SL1 units are about 300g heavier in total.

Any and all advice gratefully received!




the_mikey [164 posts] 6 years ago

There's nothing quite like trying these bikes for yourself, but if you're asking for consensus or just an arbitrary answer, then I say Giant!

Simon E [3411 posts] 6 years ago

I would say the same as the_mikey - it's a personal choice.

A friend of mine has a Stretto and loves it, but I know others who race the Giant Advanced and rate it very highly too. Either bike would be fabulous IMHO.

As for wheels, yes the Aero 420s are light and deep but I wouldn't make that the basis for your decision. How it fits and whether you are totally happy with it are the most important things.

Niallf [9 posts] 6 years ago

I recently bought a TCR Advanced and also considered the Moda Stretto. I wouldn't presume to offer comment on the merits of either bike but I personally rode both and found the Giant a more comfortable fit for me personally. I would say speak to the experts in your local LBS but in my case the stockist of the Moda extolled the virtues of the Stretto at length especially the high regard in which he held the quality of the American Classic wheels whereas the Giant dealer called them 'garbage'! Another purely personal opinion but I preferred the frame shape and styling of the TCR and have so far been happy with it. Good luck.