Further to the ITO's searchable map of road traffic incidents and deaths

The BBC have taken it a little further and produced the same sort of thing, but you can filter out certain vehicle's and it also gives a small description, I don't know why, but it has ones the ITO don't even have listed


I have attached a local one to me showing the difference

Quite happy for one of the more journo skilled guys at road.cc to take this story and run with it as a news article if you want  19 26


A V Lowe [628 posts] 6 years ago

It may also be telling to sort by single vehicle crashes and crashes where the victim and their mode may not reflect the involvement of another vehicle which has a major relevance to the outcome of the crash.

Gkam84 [9119 posts] 6 years ago

But these maps are not to show how a crash happened nor to show who was at fault, it is to highlight the number of accidents on the UK roads.

I'm merely pointing out that the BBC map goes a little bit further in regards the deaths than the ITO with a little description of the crash.

Tony Farrelly [2963 posts] 6 years ago

Yes, interesting isn't it we were looking at it yesterday - we reckon it's based on the same dataset possibly cross-referenced against the BBC's database of traffic incidents to fill in any gaps. Some things are a bit odd though, on the BBC/ITO measure being a pedestrian is safer than being a cyclist per billion miles travelled and on the official stats it's the other way around - just.

Hmm… having said that it's based on the same dataset as the ITO map, looking at Bath on it there is at last one cycling fatality from 2002 that doesn't seem to be there.