As a car driver and cyclist I wonder what other cyclist feel about about car head lights,the high way code says that on street with lamp posts and a speed limit of 30 a car need only drive on side lights.I think this makes sense
as a cyclist is easier to spot with out the bright lights of a car behind them.


Simon E [3334 posts] 7 years ago

The blinding effect of car headlights is one of the reasons I argue the case for bright bike lights when commuting. How can a cyclist be noticed if their red or white pimple is rendered invisible by 100+w of hi-tech focussed headlamp beam?

However, I can't ever see the use of sidelights catching on, drivers seem to use them less than ever now - for a fair number of them it's full headlights plus fogs in anything but bright daylight. And I suspect drivers may be reluctant to drop their own lights for fear of not being seen by others.