Doctor in the House? Back and Leg Pain…

So, just on the off-chance that someone else might have this...

A month ago, I was feeling on a downer, so slept all of Saturday. That sometimes results in back pain, and so it was that the next day, my back was aching.

A couple of days later, the pain started to move into the front of my left thigh, just above my knee.

My back no longer hurts, and my quadricep no longer hurts, but I now have a hot, shooting pain that feels like molten lava is pouring down the very centre of my left leg, from my hip to my knee. Very bizarrely, this pain is much worse when I sit with my leg raised, and then lower my head, as if to look downwards.

Spinal disc? Sciatica? Cancer?

I'm going to see my GP, but there's a five-week wait.

Answers on a postcard...


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