GravelKings - just me?

Hi all. I bought some 35mm Panaracer Gravelking TLCs for my commuter / winter bike, having read nothing but amazing reviews - including on this site.

They do roll well, they're easy to fit and have decent grip, but Christ have they been a nightmare for punctures - I think I'm averaging a puncture every 100 miles!

They seem to be a magnet for tiny shards of stone - I have to dig them out after after ride and there are now knicks all over the front and rear, even though they're otherwise showing almost no wear. They're worse than the GP5000s on my race bike!

Am I just having horrible luck, or are the reviews just VERY generous about the puncture protection?

If the latter, does anyone have any recommendations for 35-38mm tyres that roll pretty well, ideally have tan sidewalls and aren't complete liabilities for punctures?


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