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Track pump rant

The issue I have with the vast majority of track pumps, (just like most car odometers) is that the scale is way beyond what any user needs, thereby making incremental readings unreadable.

Who inflates their tyres to 160 psi? nobody. Why not make specific pumps for road, gravel, mountain and fat (there are some fat pumps already and Ive got one for my mtb as I run 18/23psi - such as the Topeak Joeblow Fat which is awesome!) for example

Road track pump dial reads 0-120psi

Gravel track pump dial reads 0-80psi

MTB track pump dial reads 0-50 psi

Fat track pump (as they do) 0-30psi

That way you get a usable reading for each type especially towards the lower end within 1 or 2 psi

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