Another which bike thread - Orro Terra C, Orbea Terra M30 or Cube Agree C62

I love my Jamie s Renegade Expert and use it for club runs with my decent wheels and a fair bit of trails on cx tyres. It does however need to be replaced.  I'm running it with two sets of wheels which I change depending on riding. 

I need a bike with a stack around 640, I have an 850 seat height and this gets me the 100mm drop or so from saddle to bars - which has been my set up for 100+ mile rides in comfort. Whatever I get needs to be quick on the roads too and good fun off and rufty tufty enough for some gravel grinding.  

Short list that will fit according to geo charts...are

Orro Terra C 105 hydro -

Orbea Terra M30 -

Cube Agree c62 -

Anyone own or had any of these - trying to see if anyone can help identify a one bike for all out of these.   I've gone for  carbon purely as it will be lighter than alloy and probably a good deal comfier.

I know there's a similar thread and started this rather than hijack one.  I'll be buying on line at the best price as i know these will all fit.  Orro gets some good write ups.





If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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    Cracking Jacket good fit and  water repellency, i have black version which is on sale for £99 on the lusso site