Rollers vs turbo advice

As the icy roads have come early this year, I'm looking at indoor training, mostly for my son who is a lot keener than I am. We already have a very basic turbo trainer, on which he has done some hard sessions including getting out of the saddle. But having had to replace his frame (Ti, didn't last forever) due to chainstay cracks, I am nervous about him putting the new frame (carbon, Dolan, lovely, great value) into the turbo and hammering away.

Am I being too cautious? I can't be sure that the cracks weren't there before the turbo workouts and the Ti frame came to us with a lot of miles on it already. Should I let him use the turbo but not stand, or at least not get over enthusiastic? The ubiquitous pictures of G advertising Zwift seem to show him standing.

Hence I wonder about rollers, though have never used them myself. I've read lots of reviews, some mention resistance, some don't. Some seem to be all about trackside warm ups and almost load-free spinning, which isn't what he's after. How do I choose?

Should I look for a tatty used bike to go on the turbo instead (or use my 20 yr old rigid MTB which is mostly for shopping these days) and let him hammer that?

Santa's budget doesn't stretch to smart trainers and subscriptions by the way.

Sorry these questions are a bit open ended, and thanks to anyone who can share experience.

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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