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Tradie Cycling Jersey-Lifesaving camouflage

Here's something that's been around for a while.In its first iteration,it was very popular.

It's a cycling jersey cleverly designed to mimic the daily workwear of the salt of the earth,no nonsense Aussie tradesman,the younger versions of same being the cyclists worst enemy.

The detail impresses-even down to the Southern Cross Union badge on the shoulder.

I've road tested my own version of this outfit.I went even further and used a real tradie's Hi-Vis polo shirt and some MTB shorts that could pass for workwear.It worked so well I used it on all my commutes  up to and after retirement.They won't harm one of their own.

For the same reasons,I'd never wear any kind of arm or leg warmers.The humble tracksuit is much less offensive. Check out the article on BICYCLING AUSTRALIA.

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