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Replacement Audax bike suggestions

Sadly, I was knocked off my bike yesterday (few bumps and minor concussion), but the bike is damaged. I'm taking it to my lbs on Saturday, but fear it may be possibly be a case or replace rather than repair as the frame is bent. If its a case of replace then I would love some suggestions as its not a bike that's made anymore (for information its a Ridgeback Mercury - their current Voyage is similar but closer to a full tourer than a fast tourer). Criteria are: fast tourer/audax, steel frame, forks (steel or carbon), can take mudguards, rear pannier rack, and at least 28mm tyyes with mudguards on. Slight preference for rim brakes. It will be used mostly for commuting at present (all year round), but also for the occasional mid-paced club run, audax ride and weekend touring. Needs to be available in XL. c.£1k


Many thanks.

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