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Aero clip-ons for Giant Propel Advanced 1 Disc

With SUCH a convoluted bike name (and hefty price tag) you'd think there'd be a comprehensive aero  bars setup . . . well, no.

Giant have gone to the no doubt expensive trouble of designing quite fancy clip-ons for the uniquely profiled aero composite drop bars BUT, while reasonably facilitating height and left/right elbow rest adjystment have criminally neglected to allow for forward/aft adjustment of their (£79) clip-ons.

What's a poor (read - can't afford TT bike as well!) endurance triathlete to do to get that proper bikefitted elbow position instead of a rubbish and sore-after-45-mins fixed reach?

I'm having to talk to engineers at the moment for a mod/hack that will transform these clip-ons into a properly adjustable form.

If there's anyone out there who knows of any fixes for this please post. Any wonky solution considered as it seems wrong for the proprietary clip-ons to fit only the tiny minority of perfect medium or perfect large body types. 

Massive thanks in optomistic anticipation. 



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