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A fool spends his money unwisely.
To me a lot of road cyclists are similar common men wanting transport to work.
Seconds don't count, nor do an extra 5 minutes per 15 km.

To spend wisely might include to know that after use the machine can be melted and reformed into modern design.
Carbon fibre ain't melting. Besides carbon belts on some low maintenance commuters, here's thought.

Single speeds. Love them. But slopes of hills and weathers wind exists.
Hub speeds. No maintenance, maybe a yearly adjustment to align 4th ratio. A really worth while look if needing something reliable to get to and from work. Maybe I should've listened to the mechanic and bought a 3 speed. Flat topography. 175% ratio change. Probably lighter than a 7 or 8 speed.
Derraileur systems. Really good too. Mine needs frequent adjustment but I don't know whether I bought low quality or whether it's because I compare it to a hub gear. I use 9 speed microshift and I like it. Between using hub gear during weather and single speeds during beautiful days, the cassette's about 2 years old and still strong. Note my mate uses 1 bike and wears out a cassette each year but they're metal and metal recycles.
Just in love with this world but because I don't race, I care less that my bike is a minute slower each 30km. Therefore materials such as Chromoly and lighter alloys really suit me. Durable, lightweight and much less foolish IMHO.
Variations of drive with such variations of materials will assist dictation of performance but because I love riding to work a slightly slower bike can also be enjoyed as a slightly higher bit of personal effort. Hence higher gains.
Please note; I adore you racers but I also enjoy my own strength and the freedom of appreciation from animals that will never wear clothes.

I thought I lost my wallet aye. Has about $250 in it, ie 10 weeks of living because cycling food is usually much cheaper and I am a large man. Finally found it in the flap of the back pack aswell as a metal ruler I lost months ago.
I much enjoy a minute to retune a derraileur. All the systems of drive are really nice; single cog, hub gear, derraileur.
The warm body is the best bit. Take care

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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