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Dear Road.CC

I notice that a lot of your News stories are lifted straight from the Twitter-Sphere. I understand why you do it - minimum effort to fill the greatest space - but some of us are not on Twitter. We therefore cannot access the stories you link to.

Twitter is a great steaming slow-moving river of putrid excretions that gloops its way under many bridges overpopulated by denizens from Nordic folklore.

Please can you find a way for rational people to access without having to wade through the Bog of Eternal Stink. Some of us do not want our brains turned to porridge.

Thank you



If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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Boatsie | 4 years ago
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I'm to confused to use Twitter.
Boating forum banned me because I'm an idiot.
This site is useful. Eg. Riding a bicycle isn't as wealthy as walking but for whatever reason our need to cover distances within certain spans of times; bicycles are relatively recycleable. Re able to allow future generations similar enjoyment.
Welcome aboard.. Just another spinner that watched the idiot box the other day and was impressed by the bravery of a touring peloton. I'm a lot slower and a much bigger gap and saving more than just car costs cycling. Diet encouraged by body need tended to fresh which then.... Less plastics, less food, more nutrition, less cost.

Loving lifes levers too brother .

Hirsute | 4 years ago
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I don't use twitter and simply click on the link provided or the image and have no issue viewing the twitter feed.

Facebook is another matter.


Although if you make heavy use of blockers of the ad or script variety, this make affect your viewing.

ktache | 4 years ago

I do not twitter or any social media, unless you count this little group, if you click on the XX people are talking about this or any pictures and stuff, you can see the thread, and delve deeper if you want, I'm not signed up.

Careful though, you can waste more time than on this site.

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