Bikes should be taxed, tested and insured...

here’s a handy cut out and keep article, for next time you encounter the issue in the title of this thread.

So, on a Friday morning on the Salisbury to Ringwood road, on the Hampshire / Wiltshire border, 114 vehicles were stopped, the vehicle, any cargo and the drivers inspected. 

Of the 114, five as the article headline says, were dodge enough to be seized there and then; a further three were cited for not having an MOT.  I don’t know what the 24 referrals to the EA were about - sounds like they should have taken part in this operation.

it’s nice that Timmy the Tortoise was micro-chipped (how do you that, with a Black & Decker?)

 I Make that 7% noncompliant in a material way in this sample. Put your own house in order, Mr Motorist. 


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