I ain't d ranged.
Brother,  if you still want to collage my read typing;  please forward this to your continents leader or leaders. It reads silly yet is true.
I knew a Pharaoh. 
Loved Cindy.
Blah blah blah.

Finally found something funny enough to take serious.

A choice of 3..

1.. Go D level.. Pretty sure he's happy with this choice..  Eg.  Exercise.. Have fun..  Obey the queen..  So stoked she's a bee..  Buzz off.

2. Go Devil..  Too difficult to explain.. 

3. God Evil..  Another one Mars.  Easier to explain than the devil.

Earth is a warship.. Maybe worship is another translation fail.  Mars was a warship.  People exist and they often behave worse than the younger children.
I like the dragon fly..  One of them was funny as..  Raced him into a headwind.  My ground speed was 25kmph and he won. He was faster.  I can upload a picture at the destination.  Lol.  2 dragonflys giving each other a head job. But I won't. 
I begged using internet read typing to do something about my local river..  No one acted upon such..  Many dolphin calves are dead.
Clean my fucking ocean.

Foreign transport units were shot down.  Friendly units.  Advanced alloys.  Not elements of Earth.
Take a chill pill and a friggin hint.

I'm losing memory scent Cin..  Not weirdo..  Just saying..  Last time I seen ya was at that agencies natural born killer Jasons home.  Party.  Dancing the Shaolin alphabet drunk.  Woke up,  obeyed the fly,  ran like shit and laughed because train came door opened,  straight in,  off home.
Just your smell,  not actual scent.  But I've done my best..  I heard your giggly school girl wish when we dated to show god.  Well.  I ain't but at least one of the men is and you're still loved..  You're welcome.

Hence..  Hoping to find a normal chick that wishes normal shit such as a pink bicycle.
My apologies tomorrow..  I'd love to climb the summit and comeback down but Moz's in hospital.  I'm visiting.

Wondering..  Did Moses set the people free?
Because if you'll that free then clean the fucking planet because dead reckoning suggests a galactic storm soon and I might be dumb but I know warships.
Please use alloys


Boatsie [539 posts] 5 months ago

Ring a bell?
You don't know me.
Your leaders aren't as educated as I.  I'm often judged on their standards.
Warships are decommissioned regularly.  I love paddling where a lovely dragon ventured in my local waterway in a place known as the Ships Graveyard;  North Arm; Port Adelaide.
Mars was decommissioned. God as Christians call such sends Angles and I'd like a decent warship to pride such or face disciplinary action.

I begged.  Now you have been told.
You know where I am.  20+ years without pay while used as general of Mafia by agency.  What's General pay?  That accumulated amount and full pension here after would certainly assist me to do what I do.  I was a private in the army transport core.  I like to stay private.  Take a friggin hint free people. 

A humble bee.

hirsute [1256 posts] 5 months ago
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Have you thought about interceding in the Iran tanker crisis?

Boatsie [539 posts] 5 months ago

Earth; our life host..

Love king.

Boatsie [539 posts] 5 months ago

WAR: Within Arms Reach.
Love and war.
War and peace.

At moment governments are governments.
Earth will clean or clear.
Individual assistance such as choosing alloy or steel rather than composites would certainly slow toxicity of needed life host. (Also reminds me of competition sites, camp sites.)
(It's only 1 kilo is often an excuse)
We humans are carbon beings. Not all elements are carbon. Not all beings are carbon. Not all beings require a planet as a life host. It'd be way easier with many to enjoy the friends they have and be within arms reach of them!
We learn different views, we know different ways. I'd rather be dancing with a friend. May as well stay happy. If decision changes, obviousness is high. If Earth goes down we all go down together.
Love and war.
War and peace.

Boatsie [539 posts] 5 months ago

My dad Joe was a head armourer at the northern tropical research station Australian army base during the Vietnam conflict,  in charge of all weapons up to and including the 105mm Howitzers.  Dispatched to fight,  the conflict ended during the flight to Vietnam.  They remained on the plane during refuelling as the war had ended,  they flew home.
Our government judges actions.  An eye was lost during a simple medical procedure many years later.  There is nothing wrong with strength of brave remaining silent yet my actions might have contributed to our loss.
I'd kicked an innocent young man across the face.  Although it was more such a slap with minimal blood loss,  the government didn't know that 2 km down the road was an arsenal of nailed baseball bats,  etc and intention to use although boycotted because Boatsie got him a good one.  Still loving bro.. Wishing you all well.
I ain't like you meat heads reading this. Warriors, monks,  women alike.  Yet dispute of my education exists,  I am with similar discipline.  Not long after kick I displayed a physical ability to terminate at greater than 6 metres in less than 1/2 second with no tool.  We are judged by the education of the viewer.
Dojo is a lovely school.  Do Joe is an intelligent use of a house as a home.  Sustainability..  Our topographies differ..  Here I went without while saving towards something similar.  Solar array to power house,  water tanks to hold gardens summer drinks,  bicycles to reduce want of entertainment and save lots too.

I know whom I am and I doubt most of you believe me.  Continual strength against media,  etc..  Governments wanting earnings rather than the happiness to do a job.  Kings wanting privacy yet amongst masses.

As an individual,  you have more than 2 choices..  2 such choices are.
Litter the planet.
Understand the prides litter.

So I'm telling you (those that can read),
We are preparing a look from the maker.  If maker happy,  we win.  If maker not happy,  we battle.  Most of our men are not human.


(I've typed lots of read.. That pretty much sums it up.. A simple man too. A simple real world. A simple carbon planet. Like a pin hole camera. So simple that the picture is huge and I'll never be able to explain that neither. Have a good day)

Boatsie [539 posts] 4 months ago

I don't intend to ruffle feathers or anything like that;  as humble as most.
We're generally flatter land around here.  Seen a lovely chromoly wide wheel roadie labelled cx at the LBS.  Probably to heavy to long haul on other topographies yet that'd be strong as and comfortable if used to resistance being wind not roll.
I get it how we see things differently.  A lot of normal men still like a basic road transport unit such as a bike and I was stoked to see that one of the chromoly bikes had alloy cages and handles (of high quality).
Last time I visited Wales,  I'd prebooked months in advance,  arrived,  organised to go to some kayak builders shops in HolyHead, Anglesea,  North Wales.  It was a bit funny,  brother rented a 4wd and we drove.  Near Snowdonia,  a freak flash flood storm hit,  flooded the high road,  in the middle of a deep cross current flood section was a stalled BMW with an electronic handbrake.  The brake wouldn't release and a tow hadn't been successful due to brakes.  We sat there.  Brother started going on.. We had 0.7 miles to go.  Lol.
We smiled,  we had 4wd,  he didn't own it,  insurance was paid,  BMW hadn't floated off yet.  Problem solved.
It was a massive storm.  We later met a lovely British couple whom had rented a lovely cabin.  They had just unpacked their belongings,  made a bath,  then heard a knocking on the rear door.  They were upstairs I believe when the door was smashed and mud filled 6 feet upon the ground level.  They legged it while they could.
One of those things..  Not sure whether to laugh or to hold face when told.  Only belongings and the experience sounded way better than that.

I'm like that with composites and government leaders.  I understand they're appealing.  Yet we are destroying our needs.  Primary food sources. 
Thank you much to the manufacturing places building quality alloy products such as wheels.
When children miss be have they often hit out with ab use having been taught the way they were taunt.  You're intelligent,  you're a primal blank,  you're some wear in between.
I was employed by an intelligence agency,  I've sat patiently,  I've had I.T. drilled into me regarding I'm knot real,  etc with the same minds that tell understandings such as, ' you get Watt,  you pay four. ' I'd understood this as forgive,  forgetful.
I wasn't paid..  Care factor zero. 
Watching feed quality reduce due to humans being like water,  a drop at a time.
If you want help,  you know I.T. 
Basically watching a creation destroy itself while our ignorance aids destruction of creation.  We need Earth..  Realize this yet?  A lot of pollies need paychecks,  modern pay is modern rubbish.  Guessing the bullies will win being much stronger than me.  Eat the lot and sow hopes and dreams teams.

Some people don't want to be rich brother.
Thanking you.. Must have read some of that.
BTW I racist and I sexist.
I wouldn't expect a porpoise to walk across a mountain range, nor a human to survive swimming when lady sharp teeth gets hungry.
If me and you were watching the box and there was a coastal island man in the Olympic marathon.. Here's a fiver on the Kenyan.
Woman feed children.

Thanks again, bye

Boatsie [539 posts] 4 months ago
hirsute wrote:

Have you thought about interceding in the Iran tanker crisis?

I don't know Iran.
I don't know America neither. Although had whom I believe was the son of a Mahican stay with me. We're friends yet he had friends over and I somehow lost my American soldier manuals. Navy Seal fitness manual, Marine fitness manual, army plumbing manual, army construction manual.. Not sure if I missed 1 out. Were 4 or 5. (I'd love another copy).

My life is life.. Same as many. Although educated I dug deep to get a personal feel because of slavery, hardship issues etc that is struggling upon us with society. Eg. I was top of mathematics and physics and very high with accounting at school. Yet I grabbed as much debt as I could to help realize what the complaint was about.
I had a perfect girlfriend, I told her quietly, "eye will kill you, " I knew she misheard yet I didn't correct her nor apologize, truth was said, she'd asked to help show God yet such would terminate us all. It is scribbed in stone,
many study long hours yet without acceptance to be allowed to read the translations are simply something to occupy another good mans time with. To earn such respect is to hold stable pain that is not self gifted. Basically be kind, find something to do. I learnt from the judgement of our society system and don't like that my planet risks being a retarded Mars.
A couple of weeks later, a bully that had been beating children, smashed my face enabling an eye to be installed. The bully was 18 years and 1 hour old and now liable to adult prosecution yet I didn't prosecute nor did my mates deny my, "no, " and beat the he'll into him. I think we're still friends..
After recognizing that eye wasn't grasping sense say having been ordered to terminate a couple of drunken aggressors that didn't breach scent, I destroyed the frequency tuned system using my own fist against my own head. The pain of the system was the eye, like a window pane.. I can't explain this.. It'd be like you guys expecting me to climb within a peleton. Yeah right.. I'm a white belt. Yet I cleared 31 senses. Yet intelligence agency agency would've had different combinations than my own.
Heaps rusty now.. Came down a pitch black hill once.. Had mums new bike. Knew I'd get light soon. Didn't know there was a sign post there. Hit it flat out. Didn't get in trouble regarding a bent bike because I couldn't walk so um.. The normal.. At least mum worded agreement once. I doubt I'll live past age 26.
Well I didn't but same body found life again. Twice if memory correct.
So.. I doubt society's forfillment of duty.
1. We're destroying our habitat.
2. Elders were inside light machines yet not only did we steal from them, we stole them too.. They were masters of light drives and we don't even use magnetic propulsion on our ocean warships to avoid pollution and enable ultra reliability. Faradays cage is nice though in terms of protection of modern tracking systems and such yet magnetic drives ain't that complex , can be built of enormous bHp, don't excessive pollute and as a soldier, traveling with environmentally kind transport units allows kinder response from they whom live there. Whatever,, animals, insects.. fish.. A link to a response ability. This is why I avoid carbon on the push bikes.. Second hand bike has a piece of carbon yet birds and the bees, the aborigines.. You know how it is.
I ain't Deranged.. Not into substances.. Just taught to accept. Life is life.

1.2. We do kung fu. That's my tap out.. I king yet.. Who cares.. Judgement seems to be the popular choice of todays society.. Some do care.. Cyclists tend to be up there..

Sugar is medicine.. Simple fuel. Heats core quick.. Yet lots seem to be I'll everyday.
Vinegar (avoid teeth) and cabbage were anti cancer.. Basically get oxygen levels up and ph down (base) and you'll be 'right...
A military family.. Like you we'll never know when it starts yet know when it starts.
We fucked with a kind race that use light drives.. Might want to tidy the planet up a bit..
BTW.. I'm probably being judged again. Blah blah blah.. I'm too honest with many people. Like I'm supposed to know what you do or why you look the way you look.. Ha.
We want healthy food and this planet can provide that.

Most days I think I don't want a new bike, I want a bike mechanic..