Smile more often

I ain't d ranged.
Brother,  if you still want to collage my read typing;  please forward this to your continents leader or leaders. It reads silly yet is true.
I knew a Pharaoh. 
Loved Cindy.
Blah blah blah.

Finally found something funny enough to take serious.

A choice of 3..

1.. Go D level.. Pretty sure he's happy with this choice..  Eg.  Exercise.. Have fun..  Obey the queen..  So stoked she's a bee..  Buzz off.

2. Go Devil..  Too difficult to explain.. 

3. God Evil..  Another one Mars.  Easier to explain than the devil.

Earth is a warship.. Maybe worship is another translation fail.  Mars was a warship.  People exist and they often behave worse than the younger children.
I like the dragon fly..  One of them was funny as..  Raced him into a headwind.  My ground speed was 25kmph and he won. He was faster.  I can upload a picture at the destination.  Lol.  2 dragonflys giving each other a head job. But I won't. 
I begged using internet read typing to do something about my local river..  No one acted upon such..  Many dolphin calves are dead.
Clean my fucking ocean.

Foreign transport units were shot down.  Friendly units.  Advanced alloys.  Not elements of Earth.
Take a chill pill and a friggin hint.

I'm losing memory scent Cin..  Not weirdo..  Just saying..  Last time I seen ya was at that agencies natural born killer Jasons home.  Party.  Dancing the Shaolin alphabet drunk.  Woke up,  obeyed the fly,  ran like shit and laughed because train came door opened,  straight in,  off home.
Just your smell,  not actual scent.  But I've done my best..  I heard your giggly school girl wish when we dated to show god.  Well.  I ain't but at least one of the men is and you're still loved..  You're welcome.

Hence..  Hoping to find a normal chick that wishes normal shit such as a pink bicycle.
My apologies tomorrow..  I'd love to climb the summit and comeback down but Moz's in hospital.  I'm visiting.

Wondering..  Did Moses set the people free?
Because if you'll that free then clean the fucking planet because dead reckoning suggests a galactic storm soon and I might be dumb but I know warships.
Please use alloys

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