Hello everyone, just a little update to let players know what's happening so nobody panics and to potentially tell new players how this all works.

The game updates the past couple of days have been really slow to go through with yesterday's update not completing at all. Dave, the owner of the game, is working to figure out the issue and make all future updates run smootly. The admins of the game, myself included, can only prepare and run the updates and hope they succeed. Stage scores seem to go through quite easily, but leagues and rider form etc will only refresh if the update runs to completion. Normally this isn't an issue, but we've seen a growing in the number of players this year for the Tour (wonderful  ) and that might be slowing the game servers.

It should be good as new before long and we'll keep working with Dave to fix the issue. Any questions, fire away below.


Guzzibear [31 posts] 5 days ago

2 days on from the statement above and still not fixed. Makes it tricky to choose teams when all the information is not available. Grrrr!


Spirit Merchants [3 posts] 4 days ago

Hey all! (Andy & Dave)

Love the platform and game so for, but one issue that I’m finding troublesome is without a breakdown of each stages scoring, I’m finding it hard to really gauge what’s gone on. 


I don’t mind doing some research but having a league with others is very difficult without knowing how the scoring was built up. 


Yes i I know it’s quasi there in the “how-to” but personally I think we need this after each stage as part of the great detail that’s there.


just an uninformed opinion, but none the less, something I feel like is really needed.


thanks again

Dr Winston [751 posts] 3 days ago

Jeez...Kruijswijk and Buchmann 4th and 5th on GC. ..

Great riders...but...I’ve wrote before how they’re (usually) the biggest points dodgers in the game...and once again there they are. How do they manage to do it?

TeamCovfefe [1 post] 11 hours ago

Any updates on running scoring totals for the leagues? Right now have not seen a running total or a rank in league for a few days. I am missing valuable bragging rights days!