Hi All, These are my current rims: Wheeltech TD26 by Alex Rims (can't find much info about these online).  I need to replace the rear wheel as it is cracked (cracks on the rims around a few spokes)
It's a 700C disc brake rim with quick releases.  What do I need to consider other than the size of the wheel when choosing a replacement?  I'll likely migrate over the cassette and rotor (if need be).  My knowledge of rims is limited so any help is appreciated!

Here is my bike: https://www.bikes.com/en/bikes/whistler/2015 (Must select Whistler 70 when on the site)

Thanks all!


Boatsie [453 posts] 3 months ago

If you want to keep your hub and cassette assembly, a local shop would be able to spoke a new rim.. If there you'd be able to find a choice of rims.

Online is often a chat window.
Cassette size, spacing, axle width.

LBS here is easy. Wheel 100% immediately (after build).
An aero heavy fly wheel single cog set remains unused from an internet purchase though. Needing spacers or something. I'm mechanically retarded.
Not sure about cassette hubs with discs bro.
A local shop of just rim and spokes might be useful?