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Hello All,

I want to purchase new bike in to stay in my in-laws home abroad. Due to distance I always had a bike in their home. My old Triban road bike decided to give up last year and it is time to buy a new one. It was too expensive to repair it and upgrade it, so recycled it.

When I am at their place my wife allows me to "disappear" from home for 24-48hours. I usually take train get to point A and cycle to point B and then take train back. I cycle sometimes 24hours without any sleep. I cycled that way in Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

Last summer it was so hot that most of the luggage was food and water and bike was heavy and not easy to steer. I always take plenty of water, so I would not run out of it ie. when village shops are closed or when cycling at night. There are not many petrol stations that stay opened 24hrs nor supermarkets, so I could buy everything on the go and keep weight to the minimum.

I use panniers to carry all luggage. I do not use any rucksack and at night I wear my Proviz jacket/gillet to be seen, by the drivers.

I am not entirely sure, which bike to purchase. I was fine with Triban and Sora groupset. It was good enough for me and would buy another bike from from Decathlon, but wanted to ask you, what else I could consider. I do not do any long distances over a week or more. It is only day or two, when it is in constant use, then I do short 40-50miles round trips. I use only rear pannier, so no need for a front one. 99% of my routes are on the tarmac, so no off road. On my old one I used 28C and 32C tyres.

This bike will be used for maximum of 2-3 weeks per year and plan to keep it for years.

I would like to purchase a new one, rather than second hand to avoid any potential expenses, problems.

My budget is £1200, but would like to spend less, if possible. 

Any ideas?

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