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Bontrager Ballista MIPS aero helmet: experience

Hi guys, 

got Bontrager Ballista MIPS aero helmet. Nice and light lid with BOA tightening system that adds to the overall comfort.

One issue I noticed is strap system. Regardnless adjustments I try at Y connection of both straps,  in riding position front strap never stays flat. At speed 30-35 kmh this causes wind turbulnences arout strap, gets pretty noisy and annoying. I believe (howeve can't measure it) it also influences aero. 

In the review of bikeradar below, it was also mentioned.

"Where I’ve struggled with the new and the older version of the Ballista is with the helmet straps. Adjusted for my head and ears, they never seem to lay flat, instead rotating and presenting broadside to the wind. It’s a small complaint, but one that I don’t have with other aero helmets in this round up."

It is pity that the manufacturer spent so much effort in R&D of the helmet itself byt such important thing as strap system left without much of improvement.   

I like the helmet and would like to keep it however need a solution. 

Do anyone has an idea how to fix the issue with DIY?

Was considering an additional harder layer of fabric over front strap to stabilize it.  

Any thoughts? 



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