Are Marathon Supremes (folding tyre) as good as Marathon Plus for puncture protection; they're significantly lighter?  My old commuter bike seems to weigh a ton; sure it's old and I need to carry a decent lock(s) and work gear, but I seem to have added weight through 'bullet-proof' components such as the Marathon Pluses.  Probably make no difference but might make me feel better.


mike the bike [1223 posts] 3 months ago


Have a look at bicyclerollingresistance.com, they go deep into this subject and it's sometimes a real eye-opener.

Best of luck.

ktache [1700 posts] 3 months ago

Very interesting mike the bike, had a quick look and they compare tubeless with latex and butyl inners (mountain bikes mind) and I was suprised to see how good latex is.  Sort of justified my choice for the past 20+ years.

Psi163 [4 posts] 3 months ago

I used the Marathon Supremes (700x40C) on a 2,500km tour last summer and had zero punctures. I never even had to put any additional air in them. Road surfaces were 90% tarmac but included approx. 50% of wonderful UK roads. I am not the lightest rider (I was approx 115Kg last summer).  I was very impressed with their performance compared to some of the other riders’ tyre choices.  My one issue was they seemed quite hard compared to the Challenge Gravel Grinder Pro’s I had been using during training. Simon

Jack Osbourne snr [780 posts] 3 months ago
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My experience of commuting with Supremes is mixed.

I found them to be easy to fit, fast rolling and I don't recall getting any punctures...

However... All 4 of these tyres that I used split on the sidewall.

In 15 years of commuting roughly the same route, and indeed the umpteen thousand *recreational" miles I've done in my adult life, using many different brands and qualities of tyre, I have never had a single sidewall failure or cut that immediately wrote a tyre off... until the Supremes.

At £30+ per tyre, Schwalbe would need to send me free ones before I was willing to try them again.