Low Profile Tyre Recommendation

Hi all. 

I was recently gifted an old Carrera Tony Doyle Epic GT road bike that I plan on riding the mile or so to my office and back every day. It had been stood in a garage for a few years, so the tyres wanted replacing.

I got a really good deal (like £6.99 each!) on a couple of brand new 25mm Vittoria Zaffiro tyres and fitted them to the bike. Unfortunately, the front tyre is too tall and rubs on the fork. Obviously I need something with a lower profile.

My question is, how can I find such a tyre? I don't know much about bikes, but manufacturers don't seem to list this dimension in the sizing information like they do with car tyres?

Any (preferably affordable) recommendations? I'm planning on keeping the Zaffiro on the rear. and will be rifding in most UK weather conditions. Cheers.

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