Hi all

I'm looking to do Land's End to Bristol in a onener...

....any advise on routes, prefably quick but avoiding as much A30 as I can???



peted76 [1361 posts] 5 days ago
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What's a 'onener' ?

Alex Brown [4 posts] 4 days ago
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I have a nice scenic LEJOG route that goes through Bristol:


It's ~ 400km though so (esp. with the lumpy terrain) doing it in one stretch would be a fairly serious undertaking.


Jack Osbourne snr [772 posts] 1 day ago
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I did it as part of an unsupported, solo LEJOG in 2 and a bit days of riding without riding the A30 at all.

However, off the arterial road,  particularly if you're carrying gear, Cornwall and Devon are not without challenges, as there are countless sharp dips to negotiate.

Even tackling it as if it were a standalone audax ride, carrying minimal kit requires some thought and prep... It's over 200 miles with a lot of climbing.