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Any threat to health? Garmin Radar Varia

Hi guys,

considering buying Garmin Radar Varia RTL 510 bundle.

There are many reviews and opinions  around since first generation of the radar system from Garmin.  Without doubt, this is a great addition to safety.

However one aspect that is not covered or discussed is a potential influence on health after long term exposure of cyclist "sitting" on the radar beam.

Spec: Radio frequency/protocol: 24 GHz @ 12 dBm nominal/2.4 GHz @ 4 dBm nominal

I believe no one took this particular radar for any scientific test therefore concerns are more of general nature of being exposed to extra  radiation from radar 3-4 hrs a day.

Any thoughts?

Update 22.04.2019

Finally received Garmin Varia RTL510. 

On rear side of the box there is Warning from California Prop 65 saying "Cancer and Reproductive Harm". Right way to legally protect itself from Garmin. 

In supplied doccumentation there is a following text relevant to this post.

Radio Frequency Radiation Exposure

This device is a portable transmitter and receiver that uses an internal antenna to send and receive low level of radio frequency (RF) energy for data communications. The device emits RF energy below the published limits when operating in its maximum output power mode and when used with Garmin authorized accessories. To comply with RF exposure compliance requirements, the device should be installed and operated with a mimum 5 cm (2 in.) distance between the device and your body. The device should not be used in other configurations. This device must not be co-located or operated in conjunction with any other transmitter or antenna.  

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