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Canyon Customer Service

Quite unbelievable.  I was just about to press order on a new Canyon bike when I thought I'd just dounle check Trust Pilot. Worryingly, the company is rated 3.3/10 and there are a speight of seemingly well founed 1 star reviews. Normally that'd be enough to put me off a purchase, but I did really like the bike, so I thought I'd give Canyon the benefit and engage with them for their side of the story. I was expecting the usual; blame the post office, blame a supplier, blame whatever ... however, what they said was this (full transcript):


Jack (03/04/2019, 12:22:29): Hello, how can I help you? 
null (03/04/2019, 12:22:54): hi 
null (03/04/2019, 12:23:56): I'm looking to purchase a bike but am really put off by the latest trust pilot reviews. I'm very concerned re the delivery and after sales customer service. What can you do to allay my fears? 
Jack (03/04/2019, 12:26:46): Hey there, 
Jack (03/04/2019, 12:28:56): I'm sat here monday to friday along with my team looking after all of the UK and Ireland orders. We do this because we ride bikes - I wouldn't be sat here if i didn't want people cycling1 
Jack (03/04/2019, 12:29:30): We have a team of mechanics down stairs and warenty guys to ensure everyones bike is back on the road after any misshaps. 
Jack (03/04/2019, 12:32:43): Ofcourse people are more than happy to let out a rant online as is the way with the modern world and a thank you out there is rarely ever seen. The trust reveiw is a small amount of orders to which typicaly customers don't help them selves. You wouldn't believe it! At least once a week I have a customer yelling down the phone that he had a puncture on his 5k bike. We can't work miracles like ending all punctures - that is just the ride of life. But, we do ensure our customers ride awesome bikes and are taken care of! 
null (03/04/2019, 12:33:23): Just to let you kow i am still here 
null (03/04/2019, 12:34:07): Thank you for your response. 
null (03/04/2019, 12:35:02): I appreciate that there's a lot of numpties out there, but by the same token, stories of people having to wait 8 months for delviery where it was initially promised in 2 months are disconcerting. 
null (03/04/2019, 12:35:49): That's not unreasonable  behaviour and most other recent reviews suggest similarly 
null (03/04/2019, 12:37:15): It's also the case that a lot of companies have 4, 4.5 or 5 start ratings, but Canyon has a 1.5. Surely Canyon don't attract more unreasonable people than say Ribble (4.5 stars) 
null (03/04/2019, 12:38:04): I'm not looking to grill you, I just need reassurance that my bike, if ordered, would arrive on time, undamaged and as promised 
Jack (03/04/2019, 12:39:35): Well, only one way to find out! 
null (03/04/2019, 12:41:16): You've just made my mind up for me. Cheers pal 


I was rather flabbergasted at the response, partiucalrly the part bolded. Perhaps will think me too harsh on the chap on the other side of the screen but I've never expereicned such nonchalantly terrible service for a prospective £4.5k purchase. 


I thought I'd post so that others in a similar situation to me can be aware how seriously Canyon are taking their recent bad publicity. 


If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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