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Sit bone sufferation...

I took 4 weeks out of the saddle recently for one reason or another.

Since getting back on my bike, the soft tissue under my sit bones is really sore (not that there is a massive amount of flesh there!). I don't believe there are any infected pores or anything like that, it just kind of feels like the area under the sit bones is bruised or something.

I've spent around 15 hours riding since the break and was expecting things to be back to normal by now. It isn't... though it may be improving very slowly.

I've never really suffered from anything like this in the past and nothing else changed in terms of set up so I have been surprised by how quicky things changed, the level of discomfort and the length of time it is sticking around.

I am looking for some kind of confirmation that a 4 week break is enough to soften my arse up enough to cause this kind of issue. In this case, I'll carry on as is, riding through the discomfort with renewed expectation that it'll go away.

I have a Specialised Romin saddle which i have always found very comfortable despite the lack of padding - maybe it is in need of replacement?

The only other things is that the problem coincides with the use of some new tights - Endura FS260 Thermo. Good quality tights, I think, and I've always got on with Endura stuff before. It couldn't be them could it?

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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